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3D Printing of bones and technical ceramics

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CERHUM is a spin-out from SIRRIS resulting of more than 10 years experience in 3D ceramic printing.


This production company is specialized in ceramic additive manufacturing process (3D printing) and other advanced process. CERHUM helps companies to design, choose the best material and then produces from small to big quantities. Its expertise covers Medical and biotechnologies producing parts under ISO 13485-2016. It has also other activities in electronics, aerospace, luxury... CERHUM is a close partner of strategic 3D players like Sirris (BE) and Prodways (FR).


Recently, CERHUM has developed an innovative way of repairing people using 3D printing of bone. In collaboration with 3D-SIDE, these companies are proposing patient specific implants for cranio-maxillo-facial surgery. These implants mix bioresorbable materials and smart way of fitting bone defect.

CERHUM S.A. - rue des Pôles, 1 P56 - 4000 Liège

+32(0)4 361 59 12

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