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At CRM Group, the activities are centered on the production, transformation, coating and use of metallic materials.  CRM Group offers R&D and technology solutions focusing on the development of innovative processes and products that create value for their industrial partners.

CRM Group combines skilled and experienced research teams with unparalleled testing facilities covering the whole manufacture chain of metals, from raw materials to advanced steel applications, ranging in size from laboratory scale to pilot and even semi-industrial production lines.


The CRM Innovation is organized around five axes :

 Sustainable metal production including the production of steel and metals with a reduced energy footprint as well as the recycling and valorization of by-products in an environmental-friendly ways

 Energy efficiency

Metal transformation and development of new metallic products, associating casting, solidification, hot and cold rolling, thermo-mechanical treatments, cooling and physical metallurgy to achieve new metal properties

Surface treatments and advanced coatings, integrating the preparation of metallic surfaces and the development of new technologies to improve coating performances and to design functionalized surfaces with advanced properties

The complete design of metallic solutions in a wide range of applications including metallic buildings and structures, civil engineering, energy, etc.

Special attention is given to technical support for Small and Medium Enterprises


CRM Sart-Tilman. - Avenue du Bois Saint-Jean, 21

4000 Liège

+32(0)4 254 62 11


Metallurgical research Centre

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