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Accredited Laboratory

ELIOSYS offers to the actors of the solar sector the services of an accredited laboratory. Acting as a fast and flexible partner in order to fulfill your specific requirements.

Thanks to its test benches and « artificial suns », ELIOSYS can test every type of photovoltaics, thermal, or hybrid solar product according to the applicable official standards or by following specific recommendations.

Eliosys is active both in solar converters testing and (re-)certifications as well as in Factory Inspections (installation and plant inspections).

ELIOSYS offers the services of a cutting-edge laboratory to companies interested in product characterization relative to environmental constraints.

ELIOSYS, by using climatic and/or solar simulators that can reproduce almost every type of earth’s climates, can characterize materials which are subject to several constraints they encounter in the environment (UV, sun, heat, humidity, wind, hail, shock…).

Rue des Pôles, 1 - P56

4000 Liège

+32(0)4 361 59 24

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