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University of Liège

Research Unit “Chemical Engineering”

The Chemical Engineering research unit is active in the field of materials through two of its components. NCE (Nanomaterials, Catalysis, Electrochemistry) is active in particular in the synthesis and characterisation of nanostructured materials for applications such as catalysis, electrochemistry and functionalised coatings. PEPs (Products, Environment, and Processes) is active in particular in the fields of process simulation, environmental impact assessment by life cycle analysis and non-destructive characterization via (micro)X-ray tomography.

Research Unit “Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering”

The A&M research unit aims at developing advanced technologies and engineering solutions based on the scientific core disciplines of dynamics, continuum mechanics, material sciences, thermodynamics and applied mathematics with a particular focus on applications in the fields of aerospace engineering, materials and processes, energy conversion, mechanical systems, biomechanics and numerical methods.

Research Unit « CESAM »

CESAM research unit develops fundamental and applied research activities. Through a combination of both theoretical and experimental expertise, including in the fields of macromolecular chemistry (CERM), inorganic materials chemistry (GREENMAT), soft matter physics (GRASP) and quantum material physics (Q-MAT) different sub-teams collaborate to study many different materials.

The University has developed strong research activities in Materials Sciences and Engineering including field-scale and nano-scale characterization, process and optimization of various materials from natural ones, metals, concretes to secondary wastes for different industries, and in modeling and behaviour predictions at the lab and field-scale.


The four research units with a focus on materials are:

Research Unit «Urban and Environmental Engineering» UEE

Research Unit «Chemical Engineering» CE

Research Unit « Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering » A&M

Research Unit «CESAM»


For information, please contact the Engineering School ( which will identify the contact you need either in UEE, CE ou A&M or in Science Faculty CESAM.

Research Unit “Urban and Environmental Engineering”

In terms of Materials, UEE specializes in the development of vision-based characterization tools from outcrops to nanosized particles, of energy- and water-efficient processes in the comminution and treatment of ores and inorganic wastes, of eco-friendly building materials making efficient use of industrial residues, of theoretical and numerical modelling (multi-scale and multi-physics approaches) of materials behavior, characterization (inverse modelling), processes, design and decision-making tools, as well as predictions at the laboratory and field scale.


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